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Let your home shine with a fabulous new paint job!

When it comes to choosing a new colour for the exterior of your home, there’s a lot to consider. Barring a major renovation, nothing is going to alter the appearance of your home’s outward appearance more than a new paint colour. So it’s important to choose wisely!

The colour experts at Sherwin-Williams offer a number of helpful tips to consider when selecting a new hue for your home:

Think about landscaping: If you own a home surrounded by large, shady trees, you’ll probably want to choose a different shade of paint than a house in a new subdivision with little mature foliage. The amount of sunlight your home is exposed to will have an impact so colours will appear darker under shady trees. Also be sure to consider plants, flowering shrubs and trees and how their colours will change with the seasons.


Go with the flow: If all the homes in your neighbourhood are beige, grey and other earthy tones, yours is going to stick out like a sore thumb if you paint it terra cotta or lemon yellow. Take a drive around your neighbourhood, paying close attention to the houses that catch your eye and are most appealing. Would that colour work on your home? If you really want to go bold, you will have an opportunity to add a bright pop of colour with trim, your garage and entry doors or some stylish shutters.

House with a driveway


Work with what you have: There are certain components of your home that aren’t going to change – shingles, driveway, stone or brick accents and eavestroughs, to name a few. Try to draw a little colour inspiration from these fixed elements. Do your shingles have flecks of blue? Does your home’s stone skirt have a greyish tone? Choose a complementing shade, incorporating it into your home’s overall colour scheme for a more harmonious look.


Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment. In a project of this scale, a tiny paint chip isn’t going to give you a clear idea of how your two-storey home is going to look, so spend a few dollars on two or three small containers of paint and apply each to a section of your home. Now stand back and make an informed decision!


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