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Would you know what to do in the event of a natural gas leak?

Would you know what natural gas smells like or know what to do in the event of a gas leak? According to a recent Ipsos Reid survey conducted by Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc., only 33 per cent of respondents could accurately describe what natural gas smells like! That is a very low number considering the […]

Don’t let Electrical Nightmares Dash Your Kitchen Reno Dream

Electrical considerations are a must when it comes to planning a successful renovation project. Despite the fact that more than 25 per cent of electrical home fires are caused by faulty wiring and equipment, only 51 per cent of Ontarians are aware of the legal requirement to hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor (LEC). A great […]

Downsizing? Clear Out the Clutter First!

For many homeowners reaching their golden years, the need for multiple bedrooms and expansive outdoor space diminishes as you look to retirement. Thoughts of travel, embracing a new hobby or simply taking it easy begin to take over and tiresome household chores like cleaning bathrooms and mowing the lawn can get in the way of […]