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For some buyers, one of the most exciting aspects of home ownership is the newfound opportunity to entertain! From planning special dinner parties, to hosting an Easter celebration, welcoming family and friends into your home to break bread and spend time together is a special part of being a homeowner.

To create a memorable and relaxing experience for your guests, there are so many ways that you can make your home a welcoming place. Take a look at these tips and start planning that dinner party!

1. Set the mood with a great playlist. Choose your tunes to match the type of party you're hosting and aim for pleasant, subtle background music that doesn't inhibit conversation.

2. Use lighting to create a warm ambiance. Light a few candles and use dimmer switches if you have them to obtain a cozy glow throughout your home.

3. Comfortable seating is key. Cluster a few chairs together for pre-dinner socializing, clear odds and ends off couches and armchairs and invest in a few comfortable stools for the kitchen if space allows.

4. Make a statement in your dining room with interesting window coverings and a spectacular light fixture.

5. The dining room is also a good room to go bold with colour. Shades of red have traditionally been popular in the dining room as they are said to increase appetite and stimulate conversation. Other options include burgundy, orange, raspberry, terra cotta and gold.

6. Set the table the night before the party. Fresh flowers are a nice touch to any dining room table!

7. Offer a drink and appetizers within five minutes of arrival, but be sure to give your guests time to remove their coats and shoes and enter your home before bombarding them with offers.

8. Prep as much as possible in advance so that you can spend time with your guests.

9. After serving the first drink, set up a bar area and encourage guests to help themselves. This will ensure everyone who wants another drink has one while giving you more time to tend to the meal and entertain.

10. Relax! Remember that you set the mood for the evening. Have fun, laugh off the little hiccups and enjoy yourself!

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